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Exploring Same Day Loans

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If you are thinking to yourself, does the term "same day loans" mean that I can get a quick cash loan with 1 minute approval online without waiting days or even weeks for credit approval? You are correct. 1 Hour Same Day Loans is the solution when you need cash fast.

Same Day Loan Approval

Let us dive head-on into these loans today by answering a few basic questions. I think it will be one of the most helpful ways in which I can help you determine if our same day loan product is the right loan for you. Then perhaps, we will move on to some of the finer details and workings of "Same Day Loans".

First, you may be wondering what are "Same Day Loans" ?

Same day loans are the same as a payday loan or cash advance, a loan you can get and a loan that is possible to fund on the same day. They are unsecured, short-term quick cash loans to help you bridge your finances until your next pay check arrives whether you have bad or good credit; usually during times of financial emergencies. One of the big reasons our customers choose is to cover small unexpected expenses while avoiding costly bounced check fees and late payment penalties.

Loan Funding In 1 Hour On Same Day Of Approval

Other popular uses are for emergency car repairs, cover rent or house payments and doctor visits. At, you can apply right here for a same day payday loan online and your cash advance can be electronically deposited today into your bank account (checking or savings) as quickly as 1 hour through ACH direct deposit, the latest form of wire transfer - it's free for you and the lender; and most importantly, almost all bank accounts automatically have it available these days.


If I submit an application am I obligated to take out a loan?

No! You always have the option to say "Yes" or "No" to taking out a loan with us. When you submit your application for one of our same day loans, you are simply requesting that you want to be approved and contacted by one of our agents to discuss your payday loan options. You may ask us questions and you always have the option to withdraw your loan request if you so choose. If and when you are ready to proceed, you must confirm your information and officially agree to terms with one of our representatives.


What can my same day loan be used for?

It is no concern to "Same day Loans" how, what or why you take out one of our same day payday loans. Whether you are paying-off bills, taking a much needed trip or covering an unexpected expense, we do not place restrictions on how you use your funds. It is your money to use any way that you choose.


How much fast cash can I get from Same Day Loans?

Your maximum loan amount is mainly governed by these factors:

  • You may borrow up to $1000 and after a successful repayment of your loan, we may raise the amount on any future loans from
  • The information you provide in your application.
  • The amount of money you earn weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • The specific state you live and bank in.


What are the fees and how are they established?

At Same Day Loans our fees are competitive and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. Depending on the lender, the state you live in and a few other factors, fees can range from a low of around $12 to a high of around $25 dollars per $100 borrowed. For example if you were to borrow $300, then the fee would be between $36 and $75. Fees are set by the individual lender and in many cases regulated by the state you live in.


What do I need to be able qualify for Same Day Loans?

It is easy to qualify for our same day payday loans. For loan amounts of $1000 and under, credit history is not always required nor is it highly relevant to these loans. In most cases a traditional credit check is not preformed but some lenders do. So, our cash advance approval decisions are less restrictive, which helps make our loans much easier to qualify for than a loan from traditional credit lenders. You should meet all of this short list of requirements:

Some Income Sources Are: A Regular Job - Social Security - Self Employed - Annuities - Fixed Income - Retirement Income - Benefits

- Be currently employed or receive regular income from a verifiable source.
- Earn at least $1000/month.
- Be 18 or more years old and a US citizen.
- Have an active checking account with direct deposit. Don't worry, almost all bank accounts these days have direct deposit. With ACH direct deposit it is Free to receive and send money by wire. When you use ACH transfers they are similar to a check but can be scheduled in advance and can occur automatically.


Can I apply online and what is the procedure?

Yes, you can apply online! To apply for loans same day, just complete and submit the loan application found on our website, The nearly instant, about 60 seconds, approval process will begin immediately upon submitting your application. At this point, a loan advocate representative will contact you regarding your status, answer any questions you may have and help guide you through the remainder of the loan process.


What information must I provide to complete the online application?

We will need your name, address, employment information or source of regular income, banking details, and photo identification to complete your same day payday loan request.


Do you keep my personal and financial information secure?

At we respect our customer's right to privacy while managing their personal finances. Our site uses a variety of security measures to maintain the safety and security of your personal information. All personally sensitive data that is transmitted between your browser and our website uses (SSL), 128 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology.


Do you charge an application fee?

At we never charge applicants a fee to qualify for same day payday loans.


If I have bad credit can I still be approved for a loan today?

Yes, we make same day loans bad credit! Since we do not carry out credit checks, having bad credit will not prevent you from being approved and taking out "same day cash advance loans". Our friendly loan representatives will work with you, helping you to get a loan today, even if you have been turned down by lenders in the past.


Will I be required to fax any documents?

No, you will not have to fax any personal details. We are able to provide you with faxless loans same day. The lender company will instantly get all the necessary information online.

Same Day Payday Loan Details

The above covers a number of the more general questions. So now, let us answer a few more questions some of you may have by getting into a few finer details of these same day cash advance loans. Whether you are contemplating your first payday loan or you have previously gone through the process, you may find some of the following information helpful.

Our lenders have a policy of only one payday loan at a time. All other loans must be repaid before another may be approved.

You may be wondering if the lender will contact current or former employers... no! Your lender does not and will not contact employers. They maintain and operate a strict confidentiality policy. Absolutely none of your personal information will be passed onto any third party without your prior agreement or unless required by law.


Using Direct Deposit For Same Day Loans

You may be a bit puzzled about exactly how you will receive your cash the same day when you apply for a loan through an online lender. This is where "Direct Deposit" comes into play. Direct deposit is a form of electronic wire transfer of money. One of the very important differences between direct deposit and traditional wire transfers is "Direct Deposit Is Free" to send and to received payments between bank accounts. Several other handy little features of direct deposit are: 1) It can be scheduled in advance to automatically send or receive money at a future date. 2) Direct deposit can be set-up to make recurring installment payments.

To be approved for same day loans your bank account must have direct deposit, almost all bank accounts automatically come with it already set-up these days. So no worries there. The lender will direct deposit your cash into your bank account as quickly as 1 hour. When you and your loan representative are working out the details of your payday loan, the two of you will agree to a payment and repayment schedule using direct deposit as part of your loan agreement documents. Direct deposit is how you both receive and make repayment of your loan. Because your repayment is scheduled using direct deposit with the lender at the time you take out the loan, you will not have to do anything when it comes time for repayment, as it will happen automatically.

Same Day Loans Information

Why Are Same Day Loans Important?

Many a times, a person gets trapped in unexpected financial urgencies which require arrangement of the funds in a short period of time which is not possible for everyone. In such cases, Same Day Loans can be the solution of the problem; these are quick and provide help on the very same day to overcome the financial stress on a person in the most convenient and affordable way, also without waiting for the approvals of the credit for days and weeks. Same day approval within 60 seconds of submitting your application and you can have your money in as little as an hour.

Same Day loans are mainly opted for emergencies which cannot be avoided. These could be payment of medical bills, home rental, school's fee, bank overdraft's, credit card dues, pay back the loan from another person, monthly installments, and many more reasons. Besides all this, one is not restricted from the usage of the loan amount, but it is advisable to opt only if in need. And the most relieved part is that it's not only available for the people who are employed but also for the people who are unemployed and need financial aid during emergency. There is no requirement for having a good credit, people who have issues like late pays, missed pays, low credit scores, bankruptcy, and defaults are also eligible to apply for Same Day Loans.

Like the way provide financial aid in the most quick and convenient manner, in the same way their limit of repayment is also fixed. It could be 2-4 weeks in many companies. So at the same time, it is suggested that a person should repay on time to avoid high interest rates and burden themselves more. So, it is advised to consider and study this aspect while applying for Same Day Loans.

Same Day Loans Video Informational

Same Day Loans: A Great Financial Favor

What do you do if you don't have funds to handle an urgent financial expense and asking for some financial favor from somebody is not a viable option? How will you rapidly and conveniently resolve this unfortunate emergency? A Same day loan from is a great borrowing solution from a direct lender that helps you to get the much needed money quickly and without much effort from the comfort of home or the office.

There are normally no formalities required to be fulfilled prior to their approval. There is no credit check requirement for your loan to get approval. This being the case, even borrowers facing financial problems such as arrears, late payments, missed payments, defaults, IVA and bankruptcy can easily get the loan if they apply for one.

The amount of loan which can be approved ranges from $100 to $1500 and the repayment term is usually short and generally spans 1 to 4 weeks. With this type of loan, the interest rate is relatively high. The reason being that it is a short term financial product where the risk is high and lenders' costs and profit to make the loan must be covered in a short period of time.

Same Day Loans Are Unsecured

This should not be a reason as to not get these loans, the advantages far surpasses the disadvantages. With the help of these loans, you can raise a small loan for a short period to take care of your immediate financial obligations.

The main advantages of taking these loans includes the following,

* You have a quick possession funds once your request is approved.
* The use of online mode of application offers a rapid monetary assistance.
* The approval and the application process is transparent and efficient
* No security or collateral is required for you loan to be approved.
* Your loan will get approved regardless of your credit history because no credit check is preformed.
* Once the approval decision is reached, you get your money by direct deposit in as little as 1 hour.

In order for you to be eligible for same day loans, you must be a US citizen who has attained the minimum age of 18 years of age or more.

You must also have an active checking account and be earning a regular source of income of at least $1000 per month. Once you qualify all of the above requirements, the loan funds can definitely be availed to you within the same day you apply for a same day loan.

Same Day Loans ? Fulfil All Your Dreams

When you have need of immediate funds and can't wait for the next day, Same Day Loans fill all your financial requirements at the very day. In such crucial financial circumstances, no one helps you. But, with same day loan you will feel relax and secure financially. The online mode is the best mode to apply. There are many lenders who are providing such loan facilities. With the consult of loan expert, you easily can meet with loan sum as they say to fill a simple online application form with provided your personal requirements as your age, name, contact number and saving account number. This application will take few minutes and by sitting at your home you can enjoy such facility.


Financial problems can arise at any time and if you are not able to face them, SameDayLoans remove all hurdles in one moment as you can't imagine as you have to pay unexpected bills like medical bills, travel, wedding anniversary, home renovation, accidental car bill or many more.

But these loans help for those who are permanent citizen of USA and has crossed age of 18 years. After that, Borrower must have a valid and active bank account. When you fill all such condition easily can get approval.


As Same Day Loans are for short term as it is provided at same day, avail the loan amount of 100 to 1,500 for the repayment duration of one month. No matter, what you are, such loans are made for every kind of person whether they are with Bad credit, No credit, facing CCJs, IVA, late payments like problems.


For the sake of acquiring funds within a very short period of time, the borrower can adopt the technique mode of internet that offer the borrower a simple online application form it requires few basic individual details including first & last name, residential address, active bank account number, age of 18 or more and the list goes on.

After finalizing the mentioned data, the applicant can fetch the amount in the given account same day or the next business day. Hence, the short term or unpredicted expenses are possible to eradicate same day you want... can help!

What Are Same Day Loans & How Are They Beneficial?

The same day loan, as the name implies, is a loan that an individual can get within about 1 hour of applying. One does not have to prepare endless papers or pledge his/her assets in order to get a cash loan. "Same Day Loans" are easy to qualify for unsecured cash loans. To get our same day loan, one is simply required to provide a few personal details, your source of regular income and be a US citizen. And then, within about 1 hour, the cash loan amount can be wire transferred directly to your bank account.

Same Day Loans In Times Of Financial Emergency

Usually, our same day loans are to be repaid within 7-30 days. You can choose the date on which you can pay-off the same day cash loan. The interest charged on the same day loan is considered high by traditional standards, but when you need to borrow cash the same day and don't have time for details and credit checks, they are a blessing in times of financial emergency. In case you are unable to pay off the same day loan amount on the agreed date, you must contact a loan representative advocate to arrange an approved repayment plan.

Same day loans are highly beneficial for the salaried people who get fixed income every month. Same day payday cash advance loans help bridge the gap between the limited funds and unexpected cash needs. By obtaining a quick and instant cash advance the same day, it enables borrowers to meet their urgent financial needs in a timely manor. One may utilize the same day cash loan for paying off unpaid electricity bills, clearing outstanding credit card payments, insurance premiums, medical bills, car repair expenses, buying new household products, and almost anything.

Same Day Loans No Credit Check

Same day pay day loans are useful for those with bad credit history as well. As such people with bad credit do not get loans easily. They can take-out a same day cash loan to meet their financial urgency.

Get Loans Online The Same Day From Almost Anywhere

Although, there are thousands of providers of the same day loans in the US, but not so many online. For guaranteed quick payday loans online, you should consider Same Day Loans. We are a renowned provider of instant payday loans in America. At, you can get the same day cash advance payday loan within 1 to several hours. There are no formalities or unnecessary hassles. Just complete a quick and simple online application form and get the cash advance loan amount wired to your account as quickly as about 1 hour.

Same Day Loans offers quick payday cash advance loans without any hidden charges or additional fee. We never charge an application fee. The application is short and simple, requiring just a few personal details. So, don't think about it anymore, Start Your Loan Application Now!

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